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Special Session_HC

Applications, challenges and benefits of Internet of Things Era in Biomedical Engineering and Healthcare

Internet of Things (IoT) has many applications in the health domain including wearable support system to locate patients and doctors in the hospital, to detect adverse reaction to drugs, or the combination of sensors (Wifi). IoT is coming with useful things in the monitoring of vital functions of the body such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, cholesterol etc. Implantable wireless identifiers can be adapted to store health records of patient with chronic disease. IoT applications have a major impact on independent assisted living, support for aging people (things can send out regular alerts, e.g. for the sugar levels or blood pressure), and for rehabilitation. This allows IoT to become more powerful and takes a huge leap to analyze and distribute secure data that can turn into information, knowledge into the insider facts of life.

This Special Session is mainly focusing on:

  • IoT & Technologies - Present & Future progression of Biomedical Engineering and Healthcare with IoT;
  • Healthcare, IoT & Big Data;
  • Healthcare or in Biomedical Applications;
  • Healthcare Sensor & IoT;
  • Technology Involved enabling IoT in Healthcare or in Biomedical Applications;
  • Interdisciplinary tools & cases of IoT Applications.

Session Chairs

Oana Geman

Iuliana Chiuchisan

Marius Prelipceanu

Ioan Ungurean

Universitatea Stefan cel Mare, Romania